Daredevil Daylily is located less than a mile from Lake Ontario in zone 6.  Summer rarely gets above 90 degrees; winter rarely below zero... except for the winters of 2013/14 and 2014/15 when the polar vortex attacked with a vengence.  Several trees, shrubs and other perennials didn't survive, but every last daylily did.  Proximity to the lake means it's often quite windy.  All of the daylilies offered are field grown and all have been grown for at least 4 years without mulch.

The garden is licensed, state inspected and rust free.

Daredevil Daylily is open to visitors by appointment only.


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Due to the daylily field being flooded 3 times and weeds taking over, plus moving my mother to our guest house, I found I was unable to care for the garden in 2017.
I did, however, make a lot of seeds and am offering them for sale under the user name of "Daredevil" on The Lily Auction:
But stay tuned to this page because I saw and even managed to photograph a number of really cool seedlings and I plan to post them here soon.   In fact, here's one of them (and yep, I'm selling seeds from it).

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