BANANACONDA (2011 intro registered in 2010) 32" M SEV (on the DOR side) 7½" I can't say this yellow self with a green throat is an Early Morning Opener because it takes 1½-2 days to open.  It starts opening from the side while the green tepal tips are still connected, and that tension, coupled with the very heavy substance, may be the cause of the interestingly twisted and even folded petals.  With a Spider ratio of 4.8:1, up to 3 lateral branches and over 24 buds, it's not the prettiest garden subject when it's loaded with flowers in various stages of opening, and it'll lean if not periodically deadheaded because the blooms are so heavy.  But each fully open bloom just cries out to have it's photo taken, and I suspect it may be useful to those seeking to breed daylilies whose flowers last more than 24 hours.  To use it, one has to collect the pollen on the first day while it's still opening, but pollination attempts are more rewarding on the second day.  Has deep green leaves.      (SCREAMING EELS X WILDEST DREAMS)
$20.00 double fan