BANSHEE CRADLESONG (2013 intro registered in 2012) 44" M-ML DOR Apricot pink blend with rose violet eye over a large golden yellow throat 6½" (11½" wingspan) 6.2-6.3125:1 cascading Spider.  Increases much faster than its notoriously slow father.  I hesitated registering this because, while it has strong wiry scapes, it only has one lateral and 16 buds.  When I queried the Pittsburgh Iris and Daylily Society in early 2011, however, they said register it.  Perhaps they were being kind, but I have loved this seedling since day one. I used to call it the most beautiful spider I've seen.  In crosses, it definitely skinnifies, can add height and doesn't always pass the eye.  Pollen parent of MIMI'S BANNER and at least one patterned-eyed future.   Fertile both ways, it makes skinny fans.  Seedling BWHWB-18.

$40.00 double fan
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Unfortunately, it reverted to solid green by the end of 2015, but it was
fun to dream about while it lasted.

While I've gotten variegated seedlings from it that quickly reverted to solid green, I never saw a variegated fan on Banshee Cradlesong itself before 2014.  I separated it from the clump and here it is the following spring: