BANSHEE LOVE CALL (2007) 29" M EV EMO 8½" (11" wingspan) Creamy yellow with pale chartreuse throat.  Reblooming each year, even in 2002 when it first bloomed, it was almost near white when grown for 2½ years in Niagara Falls.  Since its move to Burt in 2005, it has been less near-white and so was registered as creamy yellow.  One to two laterals hosting an average of 29 buds per strong scape, its kids are among the skinniest in the seedling patch and almost all inherit the rebloom trait. Pod and pollen fertile though pods are tricky.  Recommended only for zone 6 or warmer, it's a slow increaser in Western New York likely to multiply better further south.  A classic Spider with a ratio of 5:1 to 7.8:1, it is the pollen parent of BANSHEE BABY TALK.  "Seedling" in the parentage refers to a daylily I received that was misidentified as 'Garden Portrait' that is also the pod parent of FOR ALGERNON.  It was somebody's seedling down the line, but not mine.

A comparison of BANSHEE LOVE CALL with "ST-not" (another misidentified plant) the whitest daylily I currently grow.

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