BANSHEE LULLABY (2008) 33" EMre EV This 7½" (9" wingspan) fuchsia spider with red violet chevron eye and large apricot star throat, set a record for CLEOPATRA kids here of 12 buds when it first bloomed in 2002.  Matured to have the typical terminal Y with one lateral and 18-20 buds.  And wow did it rebloom here in 2006!  Once it started, it never stopped producing scapes until -- well, it still tried to put out new scapes a month after our first frosts.  Even after being lined out in the spring of 2007, many of the then single fans rebloomed!  Strong scapes can hold two open blooms in wicked winds without flopping to the ground.   Brings CLEOPATRA genetics a bit further north (didn't just survive its first winter in zone 4 Iowa, it bloomed!), plus it opens earlier after a cold night than she does.   Moderately pod fertile with excellent pollen.  Average spider ratio is 4:1.  Lower left photo shows an extremely rare polytepal bloom.  (CLEOPATRA X BANSHEE WHISPER)

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