BANSHEE SONATA (2015 intro registered in 2014)  39" 8" (up to 13" wingspan!) M DOR This  is my very favorite spider -- of anyone's!  For now.  And since spiders are my very favorite form of any, I guess I should just come out and say that this glowing lavender, perhaps closer to orchid, with cream to green throat is my favorite daylily.  How lucky am I!   It has wonderful color and form and, when the weather is chilly, it gets those "white" missing color chevrons near the throat.  I used its pollen from the first day it bloomed, mostly on patterned partners, and have already selected several true spiders with patterned eyes from it.  While the number of fans and even scapes increase fairly rapidly, it's a tad slow to get to full strength.  It took three years for it to produce mature scapes here, at which point they put out a terminal W with 1-2 laterals and 23-30 buds.  Other plants normally reach their peak here in their second year after being ripped out of the seedling bed.  The Spider ratio doesn't range much, from 5.095 to 5.1:1.  A most difficult pod parent (but I did manage to pollinate it with SKINWALKER) with acceptable pollen.  Makes slender  fans.  Seedling WPSBLCTF-14  [WATCHYL PROTEAN SPIDER X (BANSHEE LOVE CALL x TENNESSEE FLYCATCHER)].
$75.00 double fan

Banshee Sonata displaying missing color
chevrons on a chilly morning: