BANSHEE WHISPER (2007) 33" M DOR EMO 9" (13" wingspan, 16" one year!) A coral, rose and pink blend with large chartreuse green throat; 1 lateral and terminal Y with 19-21 buds.  Medium green leaves.  Pod parent of BANSHEE CRADLESONG; pollen parent of BANSHEE LOVE CALL and  BANSHEE LULLABY. A rapid increaser, it produces seedlings that are multiple-fanned in their first year of bloom whether used as pod or pollen parent.  I used to think that it had weak scapes, but it turns out that was 'cause I kept moving it.  After being in place for 2 years those scapes were amazingly strong (and there were 27 scapes on the clump!) and capable of holding up 2 open blooms at once.  But I must confess: I did not make this plant.  I grew it from a package of seeds I got from my club labeled  "Dallas Star."  First bloomed in 1998.  After a few years, I had a lot of this plant and had to decide whether  to share it as an unnamed seedling, destroy some, or register it.  Makes small fans, even smaller than those of SCRAMBLED LEGS.  Spider ratio averages 4:1.
(DALLAS STAR X unknown)

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