CERESIAN CITROEN (2017 intro registered in 2016) 37” 7” (10¼” wingspan) M DOR A near spatulate 4:1 purple Spider that displays 1 or, more commonly, 2 missing color chevrons over a yellow green throat on all but the very hottest days.  It makes sense that the inhabitants of the dwarf planet Ceres would drive a small car, and Citroen, whose emblem is a double chevron, has cornered the market between Mars and Jupiter with the DS3.  Easily pod fertile with very good pollen it, unlike its mom and many of its mom’s offspring, opens earlier in the morning.  Also unlike its mom, it has strong upright scapes.  They display a lateral branch and 18 buds.  Almost every kid I’ve seen from it so far has been patterned.  Seedling MLSBSO-18  (MILITARY SCHOOL X BANSHEE SONATA).

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