*CONFECTIONATELY YOURS (2015 intro registered in 2014)  35" 7" DOR M TET I thought I was pretty brilliant when I came up with this name.  Then I did an online search and there's, of course, a bakery in New Jersey that has had this name for 30 years.  This daylily bears no relation other than it always seemed mighty sweet to me and, despite being shorter than its neighbors in the selected bed, visitors never bypassed it with their camera.  A narrowish pink with a purple eye that very often (more often in chilly weather) breaks up to become double etched, scapes have a terminal Y and 1-2 lateral branches with 16-18 buds.  Very pod fertile with respectable pollen, it passes eye patterns to many of its kids and produces slim fans.  Seedling GASLDF-8 (GARDNER S SMILEY X LEDGEWOOD'S DRAGON FLY).
$60.00 double fan