COUNTERWISE WINE (2014 intro registered in 2013) 45" 7" (9½" wingspan) DOR L (might be considered VL)  saturated burgundy 4.18:1 Spider with a bit of ruffling and cream midribs over a yellow to green throat.  Thick, strong scapes hold 1-2 laterals and 20+ buds.  Opens earlier in cold weather than its dad, and,unlike daddy, it's quite pod fertile.  And wow, is it kinky!  Most blooms will display a tooth/protrusion/flap/little wing/whatever on at least one petal near the throat.  Sometimes every petal has a growth, usually just tooth-shaped, on both sides but, once in a while, the growths can be a ½" long "finger."  This is a trait occasionally manifested in its mom, NINA NINA WOLVERINA, but the size and frequency of the growths are far greater in her kid.  Fertile both ways.  "Counterwise wine" is the time reversed alcohol in Terry Pratchett's Discworld where hangovers occur before drinking.  Usually, these "hangunders" are so bad, even more wine is imbibed in order to get rid of them. Seedling NNWMS-22.
$50.00 double fan

To see an image of a Counterwise Wine scape 15 months after being lined out
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