C.DAREDEVIL IMP (2012 intro registered in 2011) 28" M DOR EMO From a cross
of 2 tall seedlings with 11½" wingspans comes this short 5½" spider with a mere 6" wingspan.  I initially selected this from the seedling bed because it was unique among its much bigger and taller siblings.  Makes very small fans and seeds, and is fertile both ways.  After seeing taller but unexpectedly diminutive flowered seedlings from DAREDEVIL IMP, I realized that it has remarkable breeding potential for smaller true spiders.  Spider  ratio is 4.9:1.  Intense red violet with cream midribs above a yellow to green throat, it sports 1-2 lateral branches and 20-25 buds.  Just so you know: I have tiny hands and I started using handcream after seeing the photo below.  [(DIVERTISSMENT x TENNESSEE FLYCATCHER) X
$15.00 double fan