*DOT MATRIX (2016 intro registered in 2015) 38” 7½” Mre DOR TET An early morning opener, the pink (ranging from creamy bluish pink to a peachy pink) blooms are heavily stippled with deep rose over a yellow to green throat and they stay open late.  I have to admit that I’ve taken so many photos of this garden visitor favorite, I could fill a website.  A Crispate Unusual Form with petals that most often pinch and sepals that usually quill.  There is considerable movement even when the weather is chilly.  Fertile both ways.  Streaking and striping occasionally occur among the stippling, leading me to think that splashed blooms may be another direction to point to in breeding with DOT MATRIX. The deep green leaves make up average sized fans. Seedling MMI9N-1
$100.00 double fan
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