*DRIFTGLASS (2008) 32" M DOR TET EMO 7"  Not an Unusual Form, but this orchid and lavender blend (of changeable intensity depending on how much water it receives) with a light blue violet gray eye over a yellow to green throat has produced some of my favorite UFo seedlings.  Easily pod and pollen fertile, mature scapes average 2 lateral branches and 22 buds.  The name celebrates the only beauty I've ever seen come from pollution.  A lot of garbage has been dumped along the Niagara River, some with the good intentions of fill.  The swift current of the upper rapids uncovered a wealth of broken glass in myriad colors and opacities one year, all rounded and polished by the water.  The sound of the waves rolling the glass was like a thousand wine goblet toasts at once, a melody of clear bells, a marvel.  Winter carried the glass away and I never saw it again, but this daylily is quite dormant and will safely hide from winter. 
Photo above was taken in a drought year while the photo below was taken during a very rainy year.  Sibling to GALAXY RANGER, it is the pod parent of SHARED WORLDS and SOLENOID ROBOT.

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