*EMOTION SENSOR (2016 intro registered in 2015) 37” 8” (12½” wingspan) SEV TET Oh how I love this daylily!  It’s my first registered tetraploid Spider with a ratio running from 4:1-5.5:1.  It’s also a curling Cascade Unusual Form and is the movingest tet I’ve seen in the north.  A light apricot with a yellow to lime throat, it opens quite flat, often slightly recurved at the throat.  Heavy substance and fragrance round out the attributes of its elegant blooms.  Strong scapes offer a terminal Y and 1-2 lateral branches supporting 18-23 buds.  An early morning opener that stays crisp and fresh well into the night, it makes narrow fans with deep green leaves.  Barely pod fertile (only RAINBOW TOWERS was a successful suitor so far), it is nicely pollen fertile.  In the few crosses I’ve seen so far, it picks up colors, even seeming to clarify them, and passes movement.  Seedling ONDSBIBO-5
$90.00 double fan

Some EMOTION SENSOR kids (click images for more info):
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