FIJI MERMAID (2010 intro registered in 2009) 35" ML DOR EMO This 6½" flesh pink blend with lighter ruffled edges and large cream yellow throat almost always displays hooked quilling.  With a terminal Y plus one lateral averaging 18 buds, it's a good increaser and makes small to medium fans.  Opening one flower every 2-3 days per scape, it has a moderately long bloom season and is an excellent increaser  Saw some kids from it with pretty kinky shapes in 2008 and 2009.  Perhaps because of the ruffling on the petals only, this daylily has always seemed to me to be parts of 2 different forms stuck together.  Being a fan of P.T. Barnum, I couldn't resist naming this intro after his most famous hoax.  I feel safe in saying that it is infinitely more beautiful than any Fiji mermaid you're likely to see in any book or display. Crispate Unusual Form.

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