FLAMINGO FLAMBEAU (2008) 29" M  SEV EMO 6½" (9" wingspan)  Hot pink and fuchsia blend with deep rose red chevron eye, cream midribs and green star throat.   Terminal Y and only 1 lateral and 18 buds here, but what a color!  And what a parent for cold hardy screaming pink, rose and purplish kids with big green throats!  Easily pod and pollen fertile, I'll definately be nominating it for an HM in the not too distant future.  Pollen parent of CERISE'S PIECES, HALF MAGIC, OBLIO and PASSIONISTA, it has wonderful dark green leaves.  Spider ratio averages 4:1 if given a lot of water, so is usually skinnier.
$20.00 double fan

2008 saw a lot of rain and a lot of curling!