FOR ALGERNON (2006) 30" M SEV EMO 8½" (10½" wingspan) Apricot shaded rose with big jagged deep red violet eye and darker veins over large green throat.   An Unusual Form that sometimes pinches but most often presents as a curling cascade.  The blooms open very flat early in the morning and both the petals and sepals are ruffled.  Scapes display a terminal Y and 2 lateral branches with 25+ buds and the leaves are a rich dark green.  Makes medium sized fans.  Pollen parent of MORAY LINGERIE and QUILLSEEKER, it is also pod fertile.  Unmulched divisions lined out in the spring of 2005 suffered setback in the form of crown damage from the cold and brutally windy snowless winter that followed, yet most bloomed.  While the mother clump, also moved in 2005, was not in the least damaged, I cannot recommend this daylily for areas colder than zone 6 (it has been so not happy in zone 4 Iowa), and strongly suggest mulching the first winter.  Variable Crispate.  "Seedling" in the parentage refers to a daylily I received that was misidentified as 'Garden Portrait'.  It was somebody's seedling down the line, but not mine. (Seedling X MAD MAX)

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