*GALAXY RANGER (2008) 31" M DOR TET EMO 6" An orchid pink with faint lavender gray eye over lime chartreuse throat that has displayed consistent sepal quilling since its first bloom in 2003.  GALAXY RANGER is the seedling that finally got me excited about working with tets.  I awaited its second year of bloom nervously and was so overjoyed that its sepals continued to twist and quill that I put its pollen on just about every tet in the yard.  The sepals even seem to quill tighter after 48º nights.  Sports 2 laterals beneath the terminal Y and 20 buds.  Pod fertile, it also has super strong pollen and is the pod parent of MR BILL'S TWISTER THRILLS and pollen parent of VENUSIAN VEYRON. Quilled Crispate Unusual Form, sibling to DRIFTGLASS.
$10.00 double fan

Very limited
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