*GARDNER S SMILEY (2009) 28" M SEV (near DOR here) TET EMO even after 50º nights 6½" Very pale yellow cream with burgundy eye and edge over a yellow to green throat, 2-5 lateral branches averaging 30-35 buds.  During the 2009 Region 4 peak bloom Meeting, a single fan in the lineout bed displayed 2 scapes.  The largest had 58 buds!  The other had 34!  All at the same time from one fan!  Other divisions were nearly as impressive, and none had received chemical fertilizers or even additional manure that year.  Pod and pollen fertile.  I know, I know, it ain't fancy.  But it's such a fantastic performer in both the scape and bud production department, it deserves a spot in northern gardens, especially if the gardener is breeding for patterned or eyed and edged Spiders and Unusual Forms.  After a few warm days in a row, the flowers dress up more, enlarging their edge and adding cream gloppy bumpy stuff outside the burgundy.  Pod parent of COMETSTRUCK and CONFECTIONATELY YOURS.

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