GRAPHIC HEART (2011 intro registered in 2010) 38" M SEV EMO this 5½" golden yellow is narrow, curled and ruffled and sometimes an Unusual Form but not often enough to be so designated.  It's also sometimes a reverse bitone in cool weather with the sepals taking on an orange overlay.  The russet eye, however, is always laterally shaded, darker at the midribs and paling out towards the petal edges.  It passes the lateral shading trait to so many of its offspring, suggestive of printmaking, hence its name.  I'm hoping to get some seedlings with just a blotch of color on either side of the midrib, rather than an entire eye, from this one some day.  Fertile both ways with one lateral and 18 buds on average.  [(TWIGGY X (CHIN WHISKERS x LITTLE WITCHING HOUR)]
Below are some seedlings of GRAPHIC HEART X LITTLE WITCHING HOUR, all of which display lateral eyezone shading to various extents.
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