INSTANT GRAFFITI (2015 intro registered in 2014) 35" 7" Mre DOR This rose purple with darker eye outlined in pale pink has lighter tepal edges and was moved to the selected bed in August, 2011 after 2 years of blooming in the seedling bed.  Of primary importance to me is that it maintained its color pattern during the 2 hottest summers we've experienced, unlike most patterned cultivars I grow, though I'd still classify it as a cold dominant pattern.  Nearly every bloom had comparable patterning in our cooler 2013.  With stout scapes with 2 laterals and up to 30 buds, it has rebloomed every year since its first, producing 3 sets of scapes in 2013.  A true game changer for me, every diploid seedling I selected in 2013 was patterned and the majority came from this seedling.  Passes patterns, good scapes and rebloom to many of its kids.  Influencing both etched eyes and dollop-of-color patterns, it is very pod fertile and has stupendously strong pollen, too.  Leaves it mark in the garden and will definitely leave its mark on your seedlings.  I regret that it's so fat, but I've selected some thrillingly skinny near-spiders as well as quite round from its pollen.  I also regret that it's a tad slow to increase, instead preferring to make chunky fans that produce 2 scapes each, sometimes 3, in one season.  Seedling CWLWHTOG-2  [(CHIN WHISKERS x LITTLE WITCHING HOUR) X TOMORROW'S SONG].
$100.00 double fan

Cabove right and below photos taken after a series of very cool days
very limited