JUDY JUNGLE CAT (2015 intro registered in 2014) 37" 9-10" (11¾-12¼" wingspan) Mre SEV (towards DOR).  This seriously large hot rose 4.086-4.33:1 Spider with a deeper halo over large yellow to quite green throat has strong scapes with a terminal Y and one lateral.  Capturing the true color has exceedingly difficult as my camera most often shifts it too far towards red.  Reblooming, the flowers open flat even after cold nights.  An extremely difficult pod parent, it is easily pollen fertile.  Named for Judy Hoffman, a member of my local daylily club, in gratitude for accepting the friendliest stray cat I've ever met. He'd been known for several years across the street as Handsome and I became acquainted with him while trying to capture a truly feral stray and her kitten who are now living in my house and almost housecats.  We didn't have room for Handsome, but he most certainly deserved a home where his fleas would be treated and all of his other needs, especially love, would be met.  Handsome's name was changed to Marley and his life has been changed for the better, forever.  Makes narrow fans.  Seedling FLKFLAPZL-6   [FLAMINGO LIPSTICK X (FLAMINGO FLAMBEAUx PRETZEL LOGIC)].

(photo by Judy Hoffman)