*LIMITED ADDICTION (2015 intro registered in 2014) 30" 6" M SEV TET Orchid with a purple eye and double edge of deeper purple and cream over a yellow to green throat.  A few years ago, when some of my KRISTAL SUNSET X STARLING CREATION seedlings started showing consistent teeth, I thought I'd try furthering them so acquired RAPTOR RAP and a few other toothies.  There was even one year where 75% of my tet crosses were toothy.  I've selected a few that hint at Unusual Form and will work in that direction but I'll do so more because other people love toothy daylilies than because I do; my addiction to toothy daylilies is very limited.  As with FLOWING GLASS, LIMITED ADDICTION was selected from the seedling bed by members of my local daylily club.  It comes from breeding for color rather than teeth but does display white teeth comparable to the size and amount I see on RAPTOR RAP here.  Scapes hold 2 laterals terminating in a TW and 20-25 buds.  Fertile both ways, it often produces 2 initial scapes per average sized fans and rebloomed in 2013. Seedling RAPDTS-15
$40.00 double fan