LIQUID MEMORY (2009) 40" M-ML DOR EMO 8" (12" wingspan) Pink with lavender orchid eye over chartreuse throat, the strong, straight scapes with 2 branches hold 18 buds and withstand sunflower-destroying winds without leaning.  Outfacing presentation of the blooms impresses garden visitors.  Probably my favorite among the 2009 intros, I tried real hard to stretch it to meet spider ratio (I am an admitted Spider Snob) but it only did that 1 out of every 3 times.  Never skinnier than 4.478:1 here, it's usually 3.9:1.  Pod and pollen fertile, pollen is easier.  Sibling to SNOW WONDER, it's a fast increasing Cascade Unusual Form. [(DALLAS STAR x unknown) X ORCHID CORSAGE]
$20.00 double fan