*LUNARIAN LAMBORGHINI (2017) 40 7½” M SEV TET EMO Yes, I grew over 115 of this TET cross, 99.999% of which were in shades of purple.   This very pale pink with deeper halo over a chartreuse throat fades to near white shortly after opening.  Usually presenting with quilled sepals, blooms open early and stay open late, appearing on scapes with a terminal Y, 2-4 laterals and 25-35 buds.  Yep, despite having none of his cultivars in its parentage, it does look like something Bob Schwarz would have made; I believe that continuing his look is a worthy pursuit.  Fertile both ways. Seedling GLXJKSRSUBO-115 {[GALAXY RANGER x (JOHN KARL SEAGER x RED SUSPENDERS)] X BLUSHING OCTOPUS}.
$100.00 double fan

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