MOTH WING CONFETTI (2015 intro registered in 2014) 39" 6½" M DOR Light orchid with purple eye over a chartreuse green throat.  A ruffled Crispate Unusual Form with one lateral under a terminal Y and 18 buds.  With heavy substance allowing it to stand up to heat and humidity, it starts to open at around 2:00 PM and is usually fully open by 7:00 PM but it's finished shape and color doesn't mature until the following day when it then remains until late in the evening.  If it opened a few hours earlier, I'd call it a two day bloomer.  As it is, it is NOC and EXT (that's nocturnal and extended).  The pollen is light colored and weak and must be taken the day before the blooms are fully open and is still difficult to use.  And it's not the easiest thing to set a pod on no matter what day I try, but I have managed.  Not what I'd consider a hybridizing plant.  However, it is impressively pretty at clump strength and it was photographed by more garden visitors here in 2013 than any other daylily.  And who knows, perhaps one of the few seedlings you'll get from it will be a two day bloomer that's effortlessly fertile.  Seedling DS228MPSEMYTH-11 [(Dallas Star seedling #2-28 x MALACHITE PRISM) X (SCREAMING EELS x MYTHPERCEPTION)].
a bloom at 7pm the day BEFORE fully opening
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