MOUSE COOKIE (2011 intro registered in 2010) 40" M DOR EMO 4" deep antique rose and naples yellow bicolor with yellow midribs and fulvous reverse over yellow to green throat.  Averages 2 lateral branches and 30 buds, it is fertile both ways.

  If you give a mouse a daylily, it will want another daylily.
  If it gets another daylily, it will want daylilies in every other color.
  If the mouse gets daylilies in every color, it will want a fancier, eyed and edged daylily.
  If the mouse gets an eyed and edged daylily, it will want a toothy daylily.
  If the mouse gets a toothy daylily, it will want dayllies in every possible shape.
  If the mouse gets daylilies in every color and every shape, it will want fancy labels so it can tell      
  them apart even when they're not blooming.
  If the mouse gets fancy labels, it will want daylilies with interesting names.
  If the mouse sees a daylily with the word "mouse" in the name, it will want that daylily.

A lot of writeup for a daylily with a $35 intro price, but I couldn't control myself when it came to pointing out that we're a lot like that mouse in the  "Give A Mouse A Cookie" books.  To be honest, however, I've had MOUSE COOKIE since my very first seedlings bloomed in 1999, having swiped the pollen from Stout's old intro, BICOLOR, growing at the Ontario School of Horticulture, the same year I swiped the mis-labeled pollen that produced SCRAMBLED LEGS.  In 2009, I needed to move the clump to make room for other selecteds and couldn't decide if I should throw it out or introduce it.  Conveniently, the garden was on our Regional tour that year, so I stuck a JC nominee flag in front of it.  It didn't win a JC, but it did get an astounding number of requests for introduction.

Its trumpety nature highlights the fact that it is bicolored anyway you look at it.  Even the buds are bicolored.  Making narrow fans with skinny foliage, it's the last of the first generation CORKY kids that'll come from this garden.  (CORKY X BICOLOR)

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