MYTHPERCEPTION (2007)  32" M DOR EMO 8"  Very light peach cream with pale pinkish gray chevron eye that gives the illusion of being water soaked, chartreuse throat. A lovely form with pinched petals and sepals that quill at the throat.  Displays the typical terminal Y with one lateral and 19 buds, and it will lean until established.  Outer scapes on a large clump will also lean out a bit, allowing the clump to take on an impressive Chrysanthemum-like dome shape covered with uncrowded blooms, a case where a bit of lean is an asset.  It's a fairly fast increaser with medium green leaves and narrow fans.  Only minimally pod fertile, but pollen is strong and it passes interesting eyes. A Crispate Unusual Form, it's the grandfather of MOTH WING CONFETTI.
$10.00 double fan
Spring Peeper on a late rebloom of  MYTHPERCEPTION in 2014