OBLIO (2015 intro registered in 2014) 40" 7" M DOR Pale rosy peach with a dusty purple eye and cream spike midribs over a green throat.  Stout scapes with one lateral and a terminal Y and 18-24 buds.  While this was positively not the results I expected from this cross, I've held on to this seedling for several years now, becoming more enthralled by its color pattern with each passing year.  Very pod and pollen fertile, I haven't used it much because it's so fat but I suspect the dusted eye will be useful in pattern breeding.  Oblio was the name of the little round-headed boy who learned that everything has a point in the 1971 made for tv animated feature, The Point!, written by Harry Nilsson.  This daylily has 3 points.  Reblooms with sufficient water.  Seedling DTFLA-6 
$25.00 double fan

I was surprised when pretty much no one remembered Roger Ramjet, much less the Solenoid Robots from that cartoon series.  I was shocked (that's way bigger than "surprised") that no one at the meeting of the Southern Michigan Daylily Society at which I spoke in 2014 knew a thing about The Point! !  Gosh, it's part of our literary and musical culture, guys.  Dustin Hoffman was the narrator of the version I saw and there are a bunch of versions with different narrators, including Ringo Star.  If you never saw it, rent it.  I doubt you'll regret it.