ORANGE YOU CLEVER (2012 intro registered in 2011) 40" M SEV EMO This curling 7½" orange with reddish eye 4.1379:1 Spider has a 14" wingspan and the greenest throat I've been able to put on an orange spider to date.  The buds are a bit odd, opening up at the tips days before the blooms expand.  I suspected this might be an invitation to thrips but the ill behaved bugs haven't been a problem since the plant was selected in 2008.  What seems to be happening is that ruffles are forming on the last 2-3 inches of the petal tips, perhaps forcing the buds open a tad.  Storm proof scapes hold one lateral and 18 buds, and the plant makes narrow fans.  Fertile both ways but pollen is infinitely easier.
$25.00 double fan

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