ORANGE YOU SPECIAL (2007) 28" EM SEV EMO 10" (11" wingspan with an average petal width of 1.5" and petal length 6.125") This clear glowing orange spider with red chevron eye over light chartreuse throat is the first large flower to bloom in my garden each year, just 8 days after 'Stella De Oro'.  That's special.  The terminal Y sports one lateral and 23 buds.  Has medium green leaves with only modest increase but is quick to recover from division.  While it will lean if 2 or more blooms are open on a scape, it has never flopped even in near hurricane force winds.  Makes large fans for a spider.  Pod fertile with powerful pollen, it easily pollinated WILDEST DREAMS to produce ORANGE YOU CLEVER.  The pollen parent came from a package of seeds just marked "Mico."  Spider ratio averages 4:!.  The photo below was taken by Terri Jones and shows ORANGE YOU SPECIAL as a new arrival in her Florida garden.
[KINDLY LIGHT X (MICO x unknown)]

I can't believe I registered ORANGE YOU SPECIAL as only 28" tall.  It was 28" tall for years. Turns out it's one of those daylilies that, if well established in full sun and crowded by neighboring daylilies, will get a lot taller.  When I measured in 2010, it was 46" tall!  Same height in 2010 and, while nearby 30" tall tets were flopping (my guess is that the unbelievably warm and wet spring had a lot to do with that), it didn't even lean.  Bud count, however, still averaged 23.
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