PASSIONISTA (2015 intro registered in 2014) 34" 7" EM-M DOR Deep cerise with a decidedly green throat and strong scapes with a terminal Y, 2 lateral branches and 20 buds.  While it doesn't look like a spider to me, the Spider ratio ranges from 4.58-4.947:1 so you can sneak this one in on arachnophobes, no problem.  Easily fertile both ways.  On really hot days preceded by really chilly nights, the color does tend to fade by evening but the shape becomes more of the curly spider that most of us prefer.  Seedling RSGPFLA-3
  [(RASPBERRY STAR x "Garden Portrait-not") X FLAMINGO FLAMBEAU].
$35.00 double fan

above are 2 blooms of Passionista at the end of a hot day
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