PRETTY GRAPHIC (2009) 20" EM SEV EMO 3½" Peach with lavender grey through purple etched eye over green throat, 2 branches and 18 buds.  Chosen from among equally pretty siblings because we're all about breeding for Spiders and Unusual Forms here and it was the only one that wasn't round.  Pod fertile with amazingly strong pollen for its size, it passes patterned eyes to its offspring.  It'll also rebloom more than once a year here in Western NY, but other years it won't rebloom at all and this may be related to how many pods have been set on it that year.  Or it may be related to how many stars went nova that year, sunspots, rainfall, heat, cats digging in the garden, worms digging in the garden -- who knows.  It had 3 sets of scapes in cold and rainy 2009.

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