PRETZEL LOGIC (2004) 28" M  SEV 11" (often 12")  A peach, rose and lavender blend reverse bitone with faint deeper eye and big chartreuse throat with a terminal Y, 2 laterals and 25 buds. Occasionally all tepals quill and it then measures 9:1; more commonly it is 6:1 but only due to tepal pinching.  With wonderful deep green leaves sporting red bases, PRETZEL LOGIC often imparts great foliage as well as unusual and interesting shapes to its kids and is turning out to be an important parent for me. The variety of shapes within a cross rivals the difference among seedlings produced in single crosses with 'Prague Spring'.  It passes the reverse bitone trait as well, and it can do marvelous things with color.  Pollen parent of BOB DANIEL, BLUEGRASS ARACHNISAUR,CHEAP QUILLS, CREATURE CONCEPT, GUINEAS ON PARADE, PLATYPUS PAM and WEBBED NEBULA.  Spatulate Variable Crispate. (SPIDER WEB X AABACHEE)

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