QUEEN COBRA (2014 intro registered in 2013) 42" M DOR Just by looking at the math, you can tell there's a lot of recurve going on in this 8-9" purple Spider because it has a 15" wingspan.  There's also a good bit of curling and twisting happening during all but the coldest weather.  Has a deeper eye, a yellow to chartreuse green throat and stupendously strong scapes that, in the third year, can produce 3 laterals under the terminal "W" and up to 40 buds.  Those 40 buds can make the plant a bit overcrowded, but the following year the scapes calm down to 30 or so buds.  Its Spider ratio averages 5.6:1.  Strong pollen.  Pod fertile in 2011, it balked at the heat, or maybe it just wasn't attracted to the suitors I chose in 2012.  Makes narrow to average diploid sized fans.  Seedling DS212SKN-18. (Dallas Star seedling #2-12 X SKINWALKER).
$60.00 double fan