RAYGUN GOTHIC (2014 intro registered in 2013) 49" L DOR deep red 8½" Spider with cream midribs, a cream edge on all tepals and a creamy yellow to green throat.  Opening quite flat and early even in cold weather, the sepals recurve at the tips and the petals sometimes twist.  Strong scapes with 1-2 laterals host 18-22 buds to add some spark to the late season garden.  Extremely pod fertile, the pollen is great, too.  Spider ratio ranges from 4:1-4.8:1.  Clarity of color may stem from the fact that this daylily spent its formative years as a pastel: grandma was a near white, grandpa a very pale lavender pink and their grandkid, this seedling's mother, was an even paler pink until it met up with daddy.  Fertile both ways, it makes narrowish fans.  Seedling CPKFFCSTBWHMS-1. {[ CANDLESTICK PARK x FUN FLING) x ( BANSHEE WHISPER x CERULEAN STAR)] X MASCARA SNAKE}.
$40.00 double fan

A Spring Peeper on Raygun Gothic (2014 was quite rainy)