SCRAMBLED LEGS (2002) 26" EMre DOR 7.5" (10" wingspan) Lavender-pink Unusual Form with big chartreuse throat, up to four laterals and terminal "W" with 29 buds.  It rebloomed the past 8 years in Western New York, even trying to put out a 3rd set of scapes in 2003, the year it was introduced.  Pod and pollen fertile, it passes good bud counts and is an extremely vigorous increaser, sometimes preferring to make more fans and lots of scapes with fewer buds.  I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I believe it makes  scapes with the best branching when grown in less than ideal conditions, but give it full sun and rich soil and it'll  spread like 'Stella De Oro' and put out lots of scapes with only 15 buds like her, too.   Makes small fans and unmulched divisions suffered no damage in the cold, wet, windy and surprisingly snowless winter of 2005-6.  Pod parent of MYTHTAKEN; pollen  parent of MYTHPERCEPTION, NINA LAPIERRE, TREE HUGGER and W. WESLEY REED and grandmother of QUILLSEEKER, it is a Curled Cascade Unusual Form.
(DALLAS STAR X misidentified pollen carried home from the Ontario School of Horticulture)
HM 2009

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