SCREAMING EELS (2006) 32" M SEV EMO 6.5" A saturated, sunfast deep red violet with near black halo over huge green throat sporting strong scapes with the normal terminal Y with 1-2 laterals averaging 23 buds.  SCREAMING EELS  is an Unusual Form that twists and curls even after cold nights.  Pod and pollen fertile, it passes heavy duty color, green throats, UFo type movement and its wonderful dark leaves.  Makes medium sized fans that increase well.  Divisions newly lined out in spring of 2005 survived our wickedly cold and windy but amazingly snowless winter without a hitch.  Variable crispate.  Pod parent of BANANACONDA, EVERYTHING LOUDER, HALF MAGIC and VIPERELLA; pollen of ADDERBOLT, FIAWOL and KITTEN WINGS.

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