STARFISH ENTERPRISE (2015 intro registered in 2014) 38" 8" M DOR This is just about the narrowest consistently quilled Crispate and Spatulate Unusual Forms I've ever seen.  Cream pink with a pale salmon eye over a creamy yellow throat, the scapes produce 2 widely spaced laterals and a terminal W (i.e. 5 branches) holding an average of 21 buds.  Fairly heavy substance allows the blooms to hold up all day; rebloomed in 2013.  During its peak bloom period, the plant is an impressive mound of skinny stars that rarely overlap and I was positive I'd taken photos then.  Guess what: I didn't.  But I'll only have to wait two years for a second chance because this plant is eager to clump.  Fertile both ways, I'm using it a lot in an attempt to get the widest part of the petals further out towards the tips while keeping the sepals quilled so that the spatulate nature is framed without distraction.  Seedling CQBCS-22 (CHEAP QUILLS X BANSHEE CRADLESONG).
$60.00 double fan