STARS MY DESTINATION (2009) 48" M DOR NOC EXT 3¾" yellow with fulvous reverse, dark scapes and buds.  Mucho buds!  Averaging 40-47 buds on scapes with 4-6 laterals, the lowest can stick almost straight out parallel to the ground and sports branching on branching.  A bit less trumpety than its mom, with taller, stronger scapes and more buds.  Blooms start to open in the evening and stay fresh well after the next day's blooms have opened, yielding scapes with 2 days worth of open flowers every day.  While it normally has a long bloom season, it really outdid itself in 2010 and bloomed from mid June through mid September on the same scapes.  Name comes from the novel by Alfred Bester that ranks second in my list of all time favorite science fiction books.  Like PLATYPUS PAM, this is another daylily that Pam Hoffman urged me to introduce.  A swift increaser making narrow fans.  Above photo was taken in the evening while the photo below was taken at night after a brief rain. (CORKY X Hemerocallis citrina)
$15.00 double fan
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