STARSHOT (Michaels 2017) 37” 6½” M DOR EMO This orchid mauve blend with deeper halo over a yellow cream to chartreuse throat most often displays missing color chevrons on the petals and sometimes on the sepals (the reverse of the common cold dominant patterns where sepals more often display missing color).  The wiry scapes are another worthy attribute displaying 2-3 laterals under a terminal W and 20-30 buds.  Very pod and pollen fertile, it clumps up rapidly.  Seedling SLGCWLWHCZSLGDIVTF-6  {[SCRAMBLED LEGS x (CHIN WHISKERS x LITTLE WITCHING HOUR)] X [(CRAZY PIERRE x SCRAMBLED LEGS) x (DIVERTISSMENT x TENNESSEE FLYCATCHER)]}.
$75 double fan

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