*SUNSHINE JUNKIE (2010 intro registered in 2009) 37" M  8½" DOR TET EMO Narrow golden orange with russet rose eye over yellow to green throat and 1 lateral averaging 20 buds, but I've seen scapes with over 30.  Average sized fans with deep green leaves sporting red bases.  The pod parent is registered as a diploid and has long been believed to be infertile; so far, its pollen has been for me.  However, after failing to get even airpods when pollinating hundreds of blooms for 2 years with diploid pollen, then another hundred or so in 2000 with tetraploid, one pod formed with 2 seeds.  It took 68 days until one finally germinated, and here it is, all grown up.  Fertile both ways with tetraploids, its pollen produced 3 seeds backcrossing onto its mother in 2007.  Unfortunately,  the seedlings succumbed to Fusarium in a batch of potting mix I'd purchased.  I've now learned to do test plantings for all new bags of potting mix.  A repeat of the backcross in 2012 produced one seed that I have high hopes for.  Unique parentage!

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