THIRD ACT (2012 intro registered in 2011) 40" M DOR EMO Okay, you want to know where the name came from before you read the stats, right?  Supposedly, film producer Jon Peters (Flashdance, The Color Purple, Rainman, etc.) demanded that the writer of his proposed "Superman Lives" movie have Superman fight a giant spider in the third act.  That movie was never made, but the finale of Peters' later Wild Wild West featured a battle with a giant mechanical spider.  THIRD ACT isn't the largest spider in the checklists, but at 10" with a 14" wingspan, it's still a giant.  Light apricot with yellow midribs and a maroon eye above a yellow to green throat, its Spider ratio averages 4.66:1.  There's 1-2 laterals and 19 buds on the strong scapes of this rapid increaser.  Curling and twisting intensify as the day wears on, as witness the upper right photo taken at the end of a 94º day.  As expected, it makes narrow fans and is a difficult pod parent but has strong pollen.
$40.00 double fan