TOOKY TOOKY BIRD (2014 intro registered in 2013) 32" Mre SEV/hardy EV 6½" peach and salmon (peach and fawn after several hot days in a row) blend with rose lavender eye widely edged with red violet over a yellow to green throat.  The pattern is mimicked a bit on the sepals and the petals display pale midrib darts.  I'm becoming more interested in these widely banded eyes as variations of etched eyes because the pattern holds through larger temperature ranges than the missing color/white/MILITARY SCHOOL type patterns, though this seedling also produces some missing color/white pattern when temperatures drop.  An early morning opener after 50º nights.  The frequently quilled sepals increase the interest for me, of course.  Two laterals on stout scapes with 18 buds each.  Reblooms even in drought conditions and makes average diploid sized fans.  Fertile both ways.  From a 2005 cross, determining foliar habit was particularly difficult for this cultivar since I'd marked it SEV in 2010 and EV in 2012 and 2013.  Suffice to say it is Not DOR but has survived  here for 8 winters, some of which saw little snow cover, with no mulch.  A slow increaser.  Seedling DCWCSTHGDD-24, the parentage is {[Dallas Star seedling 2-12 x (CHIN WHISKERS x LITTLE WITCHING HOUR seedling 1) seedling 6] X [CERULEAN STAR x (HEAVENLY GIFT x DRAGON DREAMNS seedling 5) seedling 1]}.
$70.00 double fan

The only poly TOOKY TOOKY BIRD bloom I've seen