*TOTALLY PSYCHED (2016 intro registered in 2015) 42” 8” M DOR TET I made this cross way back in 2005 and it was a hit during our regional tour in 2009, but after being moved to the selected bed it never had more than a few buds.  That is, until I removed the other selecteds that were crowding it one year.  Bingo!  The next year, and ever since, its scapes with a terminal Y and 2 laterals routinely popped out 20-28 buds.  This is a daylily that apparently requires breathing room.  Purple with an orange throat, it looks spidery but isn’t.  With heavy substance, it opens very flat, very early (usually starting around 6pm the day before) and stays open late.  Fertile both ways, it passes orange throats and I hope to someday have a true spider with this coloration.  Makes remarkably skinny fans.  Seedling CPLHPFLAD-1
$90.00 double fan  

In the images below, the bloom on the left shows the typical color at 10:30 in the morning while that on the left was taken at 7:30 in the evening:
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