*TOTEM CHECK (2015 intro registered in 2014) 33" 8-8½" E hardy EV TET Purple with a creamy yellow appliquéd eye, 3-5 way branching (a terminal Y, sometimes W and 1-2 laterals) and 18-25 buds.  While there's been a number of similar purple with appliquéd eye daylilies registered, I've chosen to introduce TOTEM CHECK (I'm a big fan of the film Inception) because it's a bluer purple than any of the others I've seen, plus it produces more blooms than either APPLIQUE or WIND MASTER do in my garden.  A difficult but doable pod parent, it has great pollen and the blooms stand up to very well to heat and humidity.  Makes relatively narrow fans for a tet.  Seedling WIWSTKLAD-36 [WAITING IN THE WINGS X (SWALLOW TAIL KITE x LAVENDER ARROWHEAD).
$75.00 double fan