*UNICORN ERASER (2012 intro registered in 2011) 30" MLre DOR TET EMO There's no cutesy wootsy fairies, pixies or unicorns in this fantasy.  A 7½" burgundy with a yellow to green throat Unusual Form Variable Crispate, the petals pinch (unless pressed against a bud as was the case in the lower left image) and the curled sepals often quill or twist.  With excellent fertility and scapes averaging 3 laterals and 30-35 buds, UNICORN ERASER has but one problem: rebloom scapes are shorter and blooms sometimes open among the leaves.  Makes average sized fans and the parentage boasts 2 of the best of Bob Schwarz' intros.  [ONLY IN AMERICA X (GALAXY ROSE x PANAMA JACK)]
$15.00 double fan