*VENUSIAN VEYRON (2014 intro registered in 2013) M 32" DOR TET A consistently quilled deep pink 7½" bloom with an apricot to cream watermark over yellow to green throat was not something I was going to leave in the seedling patch..  The petals recurve and the sepals reach upward in a gentle angle, adding dimension.  Averaging one lateral and 18 buds, fertility both ways is excellent.  Makes average sized fans.  While Marvin the Martian drives a MARTIAN MASERATI and everyone on Pluto used to drive a PLUTONIAN PORSCHE, only the hottest chicks on Venus drive the VENUSIAN VEYRON.  Seedling CHGLX-15.  {Curt Hanson seedling:  {[ESCALATING DICTOMIES X (THAIS x PROTOCOL)] X GALAXY RANGER}.
$75.00 double fan
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