WIZARD DELUXE (Michaels 2017 intro registered in 2016) 48” 6” Mre DOR EMO This 4.208:1 Spider has a 12” wingspan.  Naples yellow with a purple feathered eyezone that often has a blue sheen, it displays missing color broken eyezones throughout much of its bloom cycle.  I wish it always had them, but the feathering of the eyezone maintains interest even when it’s too warm for patterning.  Despite a lack of rain in July and most of August, 3 sets of strong scapes were sent up in 2015.  The first had a terminal Y with 1-2 laterals and 18-23 buds.  Each successive set of scapes had fewer buds and were about a foot shorter. The final scapes were 30” tall with only 8 buds but were a welcome sight in late August and I set pods on practically every one of those blooms.  It is very pod and pollen fertile. 

The name’s origin: “Then suddenly the wind changed and the balloon floated down into the heart of this noble city where I was instantaneously acclaimed Oz, the first Wizard Deluxe.”  I have to admit that I was as astounded when I saw the maiden bloom as the inhabitants of Emerald City were when that balloon landed because  I had absolutely no reason to suspect that there’d be patterns in the cross.  WIZARD DELUXE positively, absolutely, undeniably and nearly reliably passes patterning to its kids.  Seedling DS228MPADDBCS-1 {[(DALLAS STAR Sdlg. #28 x MALACHITE PRISM) x ADDERBOLT] X BANSHEE CRADLESONG}.

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