ZELAZNY (2004) 36" M DOR  EMO 7" Purple bitone spider with cream midribs over large chartreuse to lime throat, 2 laterals and 23 buds.  A vigorous increaser with deep green leaves that makes small fans.  The closest to purple I've seen in the seedling patch so far, it is pod and pollen fertile and I've used it a lot to increase scape strength and improve foliage color.  Most of its kids so far have been bitones.  Named in memory of Roger Zelazny, author of  THIS IMMORTAL, LORD OF LIGHT, ROADMARKS (my favorite), the Amber series, and dozens of other novels, as well as numerous award winning short stories.  I've been told that the name translates as "iron."  Spider ratio averages 4.3:1.  Pod parent of BANSHEE BABY TALK.  (MISS JESSIE X LADY FINGERS)
$10.00 double fan